Progressive Pallet Racking Systems includes :
1). Broad/Narrow Aisle Systems.
2). Multi-Tier Systems.
3). Pallet Racks with Decking Panels/Timber.
4). Drive in System (First in - Last out Principle).
5). Motorised Pallet Racking.
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Broad Asile System

Narrow Aisle installation : The narrow aisle installations allow
a very good floor space utilisation. Man operated stacker cranes or order picking trucks lift the operator into the ideal picking position on all levels to allow manual picking.

Advantages :
- Very good utilisation of available floor surface and headroom.
- Ideal for huge quantities with a medium to high picking   frequency.
- Safe working environment, as there is no person in aisles.
- Individual unit loads can be picked from all levels.

NarrowAsile Systems

Broad Aisle Installation : The Standard Solution for pallet storage system is a configuration with broad aisles. Servicing
is generally done with front stackers, reach trucks or man-up stacker cranes. The floor level can be conveniently serviced with a hand pallet truck or an electric lift truck.

Advantages :
- Low Cost Storage.
- Easy retrieval by Front Stackers.
- Manual Order Picking at Floor Level Height.

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