Progressive Mobile Racking System :
Ideal for : Financial Organisations like Banks for Docoments Storage, Hospitals & Engineering Colleges Office Records Storage, Hardware Stores and Pharmaceutical Industry.

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Mobile Racking System - Broad View
Mobile Racking System - Close View
Conventional Layout with aisle loses up to
40% of the available floor space.
Total Mobile Layout can increase up to
80% in overall storage capacity.
Part Mobile Layout uses 40% less floor area
for the same storage capacity.

The Mobile Storage System is an ideal solution for limited space applications and in cases where a new warehouse is not possible. It allows future expansion and investment cost are lower compared to the cost of a new warehouse. Depending on the system, storage capacity increases between 100% to 180% respectively, and the floor space can be reduced upto 50%. Variable number of loading levels and adjustable shelf heights allow optimum space utilisation.

The Mobile Racking System is mounted on a movable chasis which moves on rails. Anti - friction bearings facilitate easy movement of loaded racks with minimum effort by pushing or by simply moving the handle. The mobile racks can be moved and compacted together for Complete Safety. Single Key, central locking system for greater security and operational convenience. Only single aisle required in installation. You to choose from Manual (pull push method) or Mechanical drive(chains & gears) options. The Exterior Paneling is attractively Epoxy Polyester powder coated to give a classy look.

Advantages :
Space Saving | Money Saving | Maintenance Free | Customised Design | Totally Enclosed | Dust Free Environment | Centralised Locking.

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