1). Progressive Metal Bins
2). Progressive Cable Trays
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Progressive Metal Bins
Dimensions (in mm.)
Ref.No. Length Width Height Max. Load
P 10 175 100 100 3Kgs
P 20 225 125 125 6Kgs
P 30 300 165 150 12Kgs
P 40 400 215 200 30Kgs
P 50 500 260 220 36Kgs
P 60 500 280 225 45Kgs
Progressive Metal bins can be stacked one above the
other or one behind the other in rows, to get the
maximum advantage of floor space. They can also be placed on shelving racks or even cupboards, to keep valuable spares, bearings, nuts& bolts etc.
Progressive Cable Trays
They include Ladder Type, Perforated Type and Channel
Type for HT and LT Power Cables.
Features :
1) They are available in synthetic enamel paints, powder coating or
    hot dip galvanized,in widths from 100mm to 900mm.
2) They are ideal for carrying cable in plants, ceilings or outdoors in     highly corrosive atmospheres.
3) Low cost and easy to install. Looks elegant and is easy to     maintain.
4) Slot Pattern ensures regular airflow, thus cooling the cables     naturally.
5) Accessories like clamps, flip covers, connectors are provided for     cable trays.
cableDuct   perforatedCable
Cable Tray Duct Perforated Cable Tray
Ladder Cable Tray
Ideal For :
Power Plants, Telephone Exchanges, Factories, Hotel Industry.
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